O Most Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph

O Most Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph
In you we place all our faith and all our trust.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Thankful Woman's List of Blessings # 1

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Judy at A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings hosts this wonderful meme every Wednesdays. I am glad to be joining her for the first time.  We are invited to list five things for which we have been thankful this week!  It's perfect for me because I have a family of 5.  So I will list something I am thankful for each one of us in the family.  Thanks for hosting this, Judy!

1.  Dear Lord, thank you for the e-mail hubby received a few days ago from his former boss, asking him if he would like to go back and work for the company.  The commute would make things so much easier for him, compared to his current commute to work.  Please guide him as he makes his decision and let him know what You think would be best for our family.

2.  I am very thankful, Lord, for the wonderful conversations I had with my mother- and sister-in-law during their visit here.  It was such a blessing to be able to share our thoughts about our faith and family with each other and have them support us in our homeschooling journey.

3. Honey enjoyed the talks that were organized for teens at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Homeschool Conference last Friday.  And she had fun being there with Abby, bumping into Dominic and talking with Jonathan about the Victorian Dance.  Thank you, God, for the marvelous time she had with good friends and the inspiring talks that were given by faithful priests.

4.  Thank you, Lord, for the enjoyment SLED gets out of writing almost everyday on his blog!  More than that, I am just amazed at how his writing has developed -- his grammar and spelling are good and his entries, even though they are short, are often funny and interesting!  And to think that we haven't used any formal writing program since we started unschooling a few years ago, just family read-alouds and a steady diet of great books for the kids.  I am so grateful to You, Lord, for leading us to this wonderful and natural way of learning that is so respectful of our children and supportive of their strengths and interests!

5.  Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful time we had at Muddee's end-of-the-schoolyear Cello Recital last Sunday.  It was really awesome to have Mom Ameling, Miriam and nephew, John, attend the recital with us during their visit.  Muddee played an expressive rendition of Handel Bourree' and Lully Gavotte, and they very much appreciated his musicality.


Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Thanks so much for joining this meme with us Shelly!
I LOVE your list of thanksgiving here!
Number 2 is a gift to be treasured for sure!!!
My Gracie will be so happy to learn that you have a "Miriam" in your family...this is her middle name (all of the girls in our family, including myself have some form of "Mary" in their names in honor of Our Lady)...but Gracie always remarks that she's never met anyone else called "Miriam"...she'll be thrilled!
Keeping your dh in prayer as he discerns his employment.

Sweetums5 said...

Hi Judy!

Thanks for taking the time to comment -- I appreciate it! I looked back over my blessing list and thought that maybe it sounded like I was bragging. =( Well, these were the things I was really thankful for this week. And I wanted to put them down, so I wouldn't forget. Maybe I should just save these successes (which weren't easy to come by!) for a private blog.

Glad Gracie will be happy to know that we have a "Miriam" in our family. Maybe it would help as well to let her know that I also had a grade school classmate named Miriam? =)

I didn't realize that Mary Clare was your dd till I saw her picture on your blog. Praying that she's feeling better! Thanks for praying for my dh!

Lastly, thanks for the warm welcome and the nice plug you gave us newbies in your blog! I really appreciate your kindness!

God bless you!


P.S. By the way, I'm the Michele Daez who recently ordered your "I Surrender" e-book. My nickmane is "Shelley." =) Looking forward to reading it!


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