O Most Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph

O Most Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph
In you we place all our faith and all our trust.

Friday, June 18, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday # 3

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1.  Now that I'm older, I notice how much I love silence. I used to always want to have music playing in the background. But now, I don't even miss that. The house gets noisy when the kids play or when hubby watches his sports shows or the news. Plus teen daughter loves to sing, while hubby has his background music playing when not watching TV. At least, I know I'm not hard of hearing. =) But I do relish the silence when we get back from the library, and the kids are quietly enjoying their reading, or when I stay up at night to return e-mails or blog. I guess the aging process opens up a whole new window on life .... =)

2.  We have been enjoying Rozanne Gold's award-winning 1-2-3 cookbooks, in which she features recipes that have only 3 ingredients, and most of the ones we've tried have been delicious!  These are the cookbooks we've used so far:

Recipes 1-2-3: Fabulous Food Using Only 3 IngredientsRecipes 1-2-3:  Fabulous Food Using Only 3 Ingredients

Little Meals : A Great New Way to Eat and CookLittle Meals:  A Great New way to Eat and Cook

Desserts 1-2-3: Deliciously Simple Three-Ingredient RecipesDesserts 1-2-3: Deliciously Simple Three-Ingredient Recipes  

3.  Wittman Mechanical is coming on Tuesday to take a look at the leak on our A.C. unit.  Not a good sign.  Hubby, who was laid off last January, but (THANK GOD!) found a new job late last April, is concerned about the expense.  So we're hoping it won't be a major repair.  (Dear Lord, please don't let it.)

4. Aside from the A.C. unit (our house is really getting old), our garbage disposal has been broken for, at least, a year now.  Hubby wanted us to save money by just using the plunger every time the kitchen sink clogged up.  It's worked all this time -- except that it's gotten harder and harder to unclog the sink these last couple of months.  Now, only hubby can do it because he's the strongest in the family.  But during the day, the sink easily clogs up again, and he has to unclog it every night when he comes home from work.  So he's finally decided to order a new garbage disposal and have it installed.  Thank You, Lord!

5.  We've always had no problem reciting the Chaplet of Divine Mercy everyday, either at 3:00 or at night with hubby.  But the Rosary never came easy to us -- until last month, when the whole family got tired of reciting our list of novenas for night prayers (one for each member of the family).  Hubby and kids asked if we could switch to the rosary, since it was the month of Our Lady.  I never thought I'd ever hear that!  It was like music to my ears, lol!  I'm happy to say that we've been going strong with it since.

6.  I am really enjoying this blogging thing!  Have been doing it now for 1 month and 4 days .  =)

7.  We've been relaxing and not running around in a whirl of activities like we usually do during the schoolyear.  I'm SO GLAD it's summer!


Katherine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and welcome to the blogosphere.

Mys husband loves silence and I'm one of those who always need music or something on. I wrote my entire Master's thesis with headphones on. lol. I kindof hope one day I'll prefer silence though. Maybe after all my kids are older.

Sweetums5 said...

Hi Katherine,

Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate your welcome!

<< I wrote my entire Master's thesis with headphones on. lol. >>

That would be my husband, lol! Sounds like I'm more like your hubby.

<< I kind of hope one day I'll prefer silence though. >>

Actually, with young kids, you're lucky that you don't, lol! My youngest is 10, and he can get loud. So I need to keep up with his energy. =)

By the way, love the quote you have from St. Frances of Rome.
God bless!

Mary333 said...

Thanks for the cookbook recommendations!

We recently started doing the Rosary in the evening, also. We had tried this when my daughter was younger but it was just too long for her. Now that she's almost seven she has been completing five decades with us at night and seems to look forward to it. I hope it lasts!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm a new follower of your lovely blog. I'm a Catholic too. So glad we connected.

Have a nice day!

Sweetums5 said...

Hi Mary & Veronica,

Mary, thanks so much for your post! I didn't even realize you had posted till today -- I am SO sorry! I guess you had posted before I had put on comment moderation. Now I can keep track of posts with that. How wonderful that your daughter's doing the whole rosary with you at age 7 -- what a blessing! Sounds like you're doing a great job -- keep up the good work!

Veronica, thanks for your post and thanks for following my blog! Great to know that you're Catholic, too! So glad we connected. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures in Malaysia.

God bless!


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