O Most Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph

O Most Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph
In you we place all our faith and all our trust.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Celebration We'll Never Forget: Our Parish's First Corpus Christi Procession

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Last Sunday, our parish held its first Corpus Christi procession after the 12:15 pm Mass for the Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.  It was a beautiful and solemn procession, in which Muddee, our youngest son, assisted as one of the many altar boys.  After the first stop for adoration and prayers in the church garden,our Pastor proceeded to carry the Blessed Sacrament around the church block when thunder and lightning began to appear and rain came pelting down almost in torrents.

Father still proceeded to walk calmly around the block under the canopy carried by 4 altar servers, with the retinue of assisting altar boys, the Knights of Columbus and the throng of parishioners following close behind.  Then suddenly, a gust of wind blew off the canopy, and the rain came down even stronger.

One of the older altar boys was able to retrieve the canopy from the street, while an elderly lady lent her big umbrella to the Knights so that Father and Our Lord would not get wet.  We, however, were already soaked, and halfway around the block, we saw a few of the Knights heading back to the Church.  So half of us, with the children and elderly, decided to follow suit.

Father, our parochial vicar, the altar servers, the rest of the Knights and about half of the crowd solemnly completed the procession around the block, while the rest of us waited for them at the narthex.  By the time they returned to the main entrance, the rain had stopped.  Everyone was wet, but joyful.  We did not let the sudden downpour dampen our celebration of the Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.

It was a wonderful sight, seeing everyone with dishevelled hair with smiles on their faces. We then entered the church where Father gave us Benediction.  He thanked all of us afterwards and marvelled at our testimony of faith.  He said he was certain it was a celebration we'd never forget.  We sure won't, Father!


The dB family said...

What a beautiful testimony of faith. I am sure it is a moment you will never forget! Thank you for sharing your story!


Jenny said...

Oh, thank you for sharing your day! We went to early Mass this year and missed the procession. I love seeing our altar boys in such faithful service to Our Lord by serving their priest.

Sweetums5 said...

Dear Deborah and Jenny,

Thank you for taking the time to share your kind words! I do appreciate it. And thank you, Jenny, for giving us the opportunity to share a precious moment in our lives with you and everyone who joins in at "60 Seconds." I love to read everyone's cherished moment. It really helps us to witness and to be present to the miracles unfolding each minute, so that they really are sacraments of the present moment!

Deborah, that beautiful photo moment you captured of your son playing legos just made me think of my own 13 yo son, and how they both are still dear little boys at heart!

Jenny, I just loved the pictures of your baby's precious little feet! And your "Words in the Dark" post about you and your husband -- wow! It made me think about how I've been taking my dear husband for granted lately -- all because I started my blog a few weeks ago and the novelty hasn't worn off! Mea culpa! Nonetheless, your beautiful post simply served as a reminder for me to treasure every sweet little moment with my husband and kids. What a beautiful prompting that was from the Holy Spirit, thanks to both of you. I feel so blessed to have *met* you! May God shower His abundant blessings on you and your families this summer!



Anonymous said...

I guess the devil was trying to break up the holy procession! But it didn't work. :-)

I have to admire all of you for hanging in there through the storm so that you could honor our Lord. I probably would have wimped out and headed inside immediately!


Barbara A. Schoeneberger said...

Jesus must have wanted the first procession on this day to be remembered! What a blessing it is to be able to publicly witness to our Faith. Our procession was in excellent weather - we had just had great thunderstorms the day before - and the air was cool. I was thanking God for this blessing. Now we are back to the heat and humidity. I hope more and more parishes will have processions. We always used to have them when we were kids.

Colleen said...

This was beautiful!! We had a holy hour at our church. I have been on a procession once and loved it.

Sweetums5 said...

Hello all,

Thanks for dropping by!

Evan, to tell you frankly, when the rain started coming down hard, I couldn't help but think of my UN-water-proof watch and how it might not work anymore after the whole procession, LOL! I was with an elderly lady and was concerned for her as well. But when we saw a few of the Knights heading back to the church, we thought it best to do the same....

I agree, Barbara -- by sending the rain, Jesus did make our first procession memorable, LOL! He does have a sense of humor which only brought more joy!

Thanks, Colleen, it sure was! I love Holy Hours, too. The little ones also got to participate in the procession, so we were glad that our parochial vicar decided to organize one!

God bless!


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