O Most Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph

O Most Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph
In you we place all our faith and all our trust.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sixty Seconds on Tuesday

I am joining Jenny this week at Just a Minute.  She has a meme called Sixty Seconds on Tuesday which you can read more about here.  Join her on Tuesdays to preserve a precious moment in word or photo.

Conversation between my two sons, ages 13 and 10, when watching the Ben-Hur DVD:
When about to watch a romance scene with Judah and Esther, older son got ready to change the scene from scene selection. 
  • 10 year-old asked:  Why did you go to Menu?
  • 13 year-old replied:  Because we can’t watch that scene.
  • 10 year-old asked:  Why, torture?
  • 13 year-old replied dryly:  No, romance. 


Rocina-Fontina said...

Love that! I remember when it happened! The boys are so amusing!

Colleen said...

Love it!!

Sweetums5 said...

Sorry to get back to you only now, Colleen, but I've been busy the past week finishing end-of-the-schoolyear stuff. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment! I appreciate it. I'm so glad I found out about Sixty Seconds on Tuesday from your blog. Even my daughter sent a post the other week. Hope you had a good break! God bless!


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