O Most Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph

O Most Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph
In you we place all our faith and all our trust.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Homeschooling Meme

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“The kids are…”

about to take their showers after their Fencing class this evening.  Muddee and I stayed home to homeschool and practice cello while Robs brought Honey and SLED to Fencing.

The class was tiring, but good, they said.

Tonight, Muddee enjoyed practicing Bach's Minuet 3 (Suzuki Book 3) because there was no pressure from lessons.  =)

“I am learning….”

a mindful approach to parenting from a book bearing the same name:

A Mindful Approach To Parenting: Insights on Raising Our Children With Wisdom, Awareness, and Acceptance

A Mindful Approach to Parenting:  Insights on Raising Our Children with Wisdom, Awareness, and Acceptance by Geoff Bell-Devaney.  This book contains hundreds of timeless quotes on the art of mindful parenting.  Here are some of them:

"A child who is met with empathy learns to welcome all their emotions."

"If you want your child to do something, it helps to tell him why."

"Instead of yelling at your child, try telling her why you are angry."

“I am struggling with…”

lack of energy and laziness!  May is always the busiest time of the schoolyear.  After having such a hectic and tiring month, assisting Honey with her transcript requirements and end-of-the-schoolyear evaluations -- not to mention helping to organize this year's Homeschool Graduation for her and the other high school seniors -- I just wanna chill and spend the summer doing my stuff -- like:
  • sleep late at night (just love the peace and quiet!)
  • sleep in till late in the morning
  • read
  • blog (which I haven't done in a long while)
  • read aloud to the kids
  • watch movies with them
  • have our discussions, and 
  • basically, just unschool to our hearts' content without having to do anything else.    

But the house also needs picking up, and cleaning, and re-organizing, and I'm just too lazy to do it before the cleaners come, before we have our friends over next Saturday for Honey's Graduation Party!  Help, Lord -- give me the energy I need to get everything ready!

“I am grateful…”

that we have graduated our first-born from our homeschool, and that she is going to C. College in the Fall!  Thank you, Lord, for helping us all these years!  We could not have done it without You.

Thank You, too, for awarding her with the $1,000 scholarship from the Knights of Columbus at OLH, as well as their annual award for "Outstanding Young Woman of the Year" for all her service and volunteer work!  What a wonderful way to end her homeschool years!

"All glory to You, Lord!"

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